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Roy Wallack

Roy Wallack


Want real results? A new regimen sheds pounds, builds strength, and shortens your workout time.

Roy Wallack and Tim Sohn
Apr 1, 2006

Want an unbreakable superstructure? Building tough bones can be as easy as grabbing your skis and charging bumps all day long.

Roy Wallack
Nov 1, 2005

Strengthen your bones in three easy steps

Roy Wallack
Nov 1, 2005

Three Kiwis are readying to kayak almost 400 miles around the South Atlantic Ocean island made famous by Sir Ernest Shackleton's fated Endurance expedition

Sara Blask, Roy Wallack, and Meg Lukens Noonan
Sep 26, 2005

Boxing drills aren't just for pugs anymore—they'll jump-start your fitness for mountain biking, paddling, climbing, and more

Roy Wallack and Eric Hansen
Jul 1, 2005