Christian DeBenedetti

Christian DeBenedetti

Former Outside correspondent Christian DeBenedetti is author of the award-winning travel guide The Great American Ale Trail (Running Press, 2016) and co-author of Beer Bites, a cookbook (Chronicle, 2015). He is founder and head brewer of Wolves & People Farmhouse Brewery in Newberg, Oregon.


Beer Nuts

Five Roadtrip-Worthy Craft-Beer Spots, as excerpted from The Great American Ale Trail

Ryan Krogh and Christian DeBenedetti
Sep 21, 2011

News from the Field: August 2011

Ernest Shackleton's whisky of choice resurfaces; fly-fishing the world; the annual circus in the Himalayas.

Christian DeBenedetti and Michael Webster
Jul 8, 2011


Getting tipsy every night and gaining weight every day: This is how you backpack in Corsica

David Vann, Mary Turner, Alex Crevar, Christian DeBenedetti, and Stephanie Pearson
May 5, 2009

Styles for Resort Skiers

ON THE LEFT Columbia's moisture-wicking Omni-Dry Mountain Tech Thermal Base­layer. ($60; Few's acrylic Moa Hunter Sweater, for the bold. ($54; Aigle's lightweight...

Alicia Carr, Kevin Kennedy, Jeremy Spencer, Christian DeBenedetti, Christina Erb, and Stephanie Pearson
Oct 21, 2008

Black & Tan

It's about time: Look sharp—and get the job done—with a watch for any occasion

Christian DeBenedetti
Jul 31, 2008

The Empty Beach

PORTSMOUTH ISLAND, NORTH CAROLINA - On a weekend last summer, while the rest of the beachgoing world descended upon overrun sand traps like Nags Head and Virginia Beach, I took a 4x4 and a shortboard...

Mark Anders, Abe Streep, Kristin Bjornsen, Ryan Krogh, Monique Ryan, Will Palmer, Christopher Keyes, Christian DeBenedetti, Hannah McCaughey, Amy Marr, Mary Turner, and Claire Martin
May 30, 2008

Play. Pour. Drink. Repeat.

In which we take back the drinking trip from the wine snob. Here's how to mix world-class adventure and tasting, from Kentucky to Japan.

Christian DeBenedetti, Jeremy Spencer, and Charles Bethea
May 9, 2008

Swiss Army Goes Big

Cartier, Patek Philippe... Swiss Army? We were surprised, too. But the limited-edition VICTORINOX SWISS ARMY LEGACY RÉSERVE DE MARCHE PLATINE is an instant family heirloom. Encased in platinum, the...

Christian DeBenedetti
Jan 29, 2008

City Slicker

Escape from New York (and nine other big cities) with these 40 fast adventures

Justin Nyberg, Christian DeBenedetti, Alicia Carr, A.J. Daulerio, Jim Gullo, Katy Neusteter, Ryan Krogh, Sam Moulton, and Carl Hoffman
Aug 24, 2007