Christian DeBenedetti

Christian DeBenedetti

Former Outside correspondent Christian DeBenedetti is author of the award-winning travel guide The Great American Ale Trail (Running Press, 2016) and co-author of Beer Bites, a cookbook (Chronicle, 2015). He is founder and head brewer of Wolves & People Farmhouse Brewery in Newberg, Oregon.



Seasonal Suds

As fall hikes give way to the first powder days of winter, there's a beer for every occasion


TALL LATTE BEFORE WORK, double espresso in the afternoon, short cappuccino after dinner—it's the only way to tolerate Seattle's gray days. But when the clouds break and the Cascades, the...

"You Are in Bear Country"

Close encounters of the bear-human kind are skyrocketing, though actual attacks remain few and far between. Hopefully, new outreach education efforts will keep things that way.

Global Warning

In these fragile, frigid ecosystems, the phrase tread lightly takes on a whole new meaning