Ki Bassett

Ki Bassett


SAR-Trained Dog Saves Avy Victim

Keno, a five-year-old Labrador/Border collie mix, makes the first live avalanche find by a rescue dog in Canada

Ki Bassett
Feb 7, 2014

Katie Arnold, Granville Greene, Rob Haggart, Stephanie Pearson, Ki Bassett, Katy Neusteter, Will Palmer, David Cox, Grayson Schaffer, Janine Sieja, Grant Davis, and Gordy Megroz
Jul 11, 2005


Ki Bassett
Jun 24, 2005

Life Is a Spa: The Canyon Ranch

Sally Schumaier, Ki Bassett, Megan Miller, Daniel Duane, Florence Williams, Grant Davis, and Josh Dean
Jan 1, 2005

Our big roundup of supercool North American ski hills serves up 20 rides of your life—and tells you where to kick back in style

Elizabeth Hightower, Stephanie Pearson, Rob Haggart, Jeremy Spencer, Seth Masia, Rob Reed, Monique Ryan, Tim Neville, Tom Price, Bonnie Tsui, Philip D. Armour, Cameron Walker, Ki Bassett, Kevin Max, Christopher Solomon, and Janine Sieja
Dec 9, 2004

With eleven time zones' worth of Tiaga, tundra, virgin peaks, and off-the-dial whitewater, Mother Russia is beginning to open her doors to adventure travelers. If you're brave enough to take her on, the next frontier beckons in the wild, wild East.

Howard Whelan and Ki Bassett
Mar 1, 2004

Here's the Beef

Steven Rinella, Sally Schumaier, Tim Sohn, Ki Bassett, Stephanie Pearson, Rob Story, Marshall McKinney, Kimberly Lisagor, and Tucker Teutsch III
Jul 1, 2003

Upgrade your ride with these stocking stuffers

Joe Lindsey, Ki Bassett, Sam Moulton, Bob Parks, Dimity McDowell, and Mark Anders
Dec 1, 2002

The brutal Southern Ocean has seen more races this year than ever before. Here's why.

Tim Zimmermann, Brad Wieners, Michelle Pentz, Kevin Fedarko, and Ki Bassett
Jan 6, 2001