Dave Hahn


How to Acclimatize Like a Pro

As you gain altitude, your red blood cells can't hold as much oxygen, which means once you start getting into the thousands of feet above sea level, you may get easily winded, have a headache, and...

Tenaya Canyon

How I Nearly Killed My Father

The sign read, “Tenaya Canyon is extremely dangerous. Many have lost their lives in the attempt.” Thus warned, my 78-year-old dad was set to hike and rappel through it. And I had agreed to join him.

El Capitan

Aces High

THE IDEA: Make one of the world's greatest Everest guides face his fear of heights. THE PLAN: Send him 3,000 feet up El Capitan with Conrad Anker, Jimmy Chin, and Ivo Ninov. THE RESULT: Panic...

The No Fall Zone

When freeskier Kit DesLauriers dropped in at 29,035 feet on Mount Everest in October, she became the first person to ski off the Seven Summits. Kit, her husband, Rob, and photographer Jimmy Chin also...

Majesty or Travesty (cont.)

(Yea) IT HAS BEEN SAID THAT, in 1923, George Mallory was asked one too many times why he wanted to climb Mount Everest, and that his famous reply—"Because it is there"—was snapped back in...