Tony D'Souza

Tony D'Souza

Tony D'Souza is a Sarasota, FL, based journalist and former Peace Corps Volunteer who served in Ivory Coast and Madagascar. In 2006-2007, he drove from Florida to Nicaragua on assignment for Outside, a six-month trip that he wrote about in, "The Boomtown, The Gringo, The Girl, And Her Murder." He has ridden one-speed bicycles on long journeys all around the world.  


Books: Gringo Nightmare

An American imprisoned for the murder of his ex-girlfriend in a Nicaraguan surf town finally clears the air—sort of.

Tony D'Souza and Abe Streep
Apr 26, 2010

Behind Bars: Q&A with Eric Volz

In the June 2007 feature story “The Boomtown, the Gringo, the Girl, and Her Murder" Tony D’Souza reports on the murder trial of American ex-pat Eric Volz in Nicaragua. On March 26, 2007, after...

Tony D'Souza
May 15, 2007

The Boomtown, the Gringo, the Girl, and Her Murder

When a local beauty turned up dead in Nicaragua's San Juan del Sur, the dream of paradise became a nightmare for one expat American surfer. He got 30 years and, predictably, a media melee ensued. But...

Tony D'Souza
May 1, 2007