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Annette McGivney

Annette McGivney


Grand Canyon Superintendent Announces Resignation

Grand Canyon National Park superintendent Christine Lehnertz notified park employees on March 14 that she was resigning, effective March 31. This comes weeks after a four-month investigation turned up no wrongdoing and found a series of 2018 allegations against her to be "unfounded."

Annette McGivney
Mar 14, 2019

The Woman Ending Harassment at the Grand Canyon

For decades, the staff of Grand Canyon National Park has lived with a culture of bullying and harassment. Can the park's first female superintendent heal the old wounds?

Annette McGivney
Aug 21, 2018

300 Flights Through the Grand Canyon's Helicopter Alley

Every day, hundreds of helicopters pass through the lower canyon from the Hualapai Reservation. Is Grand Canyon West turning into “Las Vegas East” and ruining the park’s wilderness? Or is it saving a Native American tribe?

Annette McGivney
May 24, 2018

Is Boy Scouts of America doing enough to keep kids safe?

Annette McGivney
Jun 20, 2007

The solo tent has become a roomy palace of personal space

Annette McGivney
Sep 1, 2004

Annette McGivney and Cameron Walker
Jun 1, 2004