Philip Armour

Philip Armour


Winter Classics

Tired of hitting the same old ski areas? Try ice climbing in Iceland, tour skating in Sweden, or one of seven more fresh outdoor activities this holiday season.

Philip Armour
Dec 4, 2012

Near Is the New Far

Honest eco-travel no longer requires a passport. These four domestic getaways treat you—and the environment—right.

Ryan Krogh and Philip Armour
Feb 1, 2008

Loaded (Your Calendar, That Is)

Our unscientific but highly authoritative guide to the 20 BEST PARTIES on the planet

Philip Armour, Bryan Thomas, Damon Tabor, Megan Michelson, and Scott Anderson
Dec 27, 2007

It's Snowtime!

A year after the debut of his Ski Tour, Kipp Nelson is back with more events, more bands, and more babes. Sleep is totally overrated.

Philip Armour
Nov 20, 2007