Philip Armour

Kiting on a frozen lake

9 New Spins on Classic Winter Adventures

Tired of hitting the same old ski areas? Try ice climbing in Iceland, tour skating in Sweden, or one of seven more fresh outdoor activities this holiday season.

Ice Climbing in Glymsgil, Iceland

Ice Climbing

Contrary to what you might have heard, there is, in fact, ice in Iceland.

Twin Cities, Minnesota

Snow Kiting

Kiteboarding has been around since Revolutionary times, when Benjamin Franklin rode an experimental kite across a pond, but the sport didn't make it to ice until the 1990s.


Yes, skiing and snowboarding in Turkey. During the winter, a sea effect dumps snow on the 12,500-foot Kaçkar Mountains, making northeastern Turkey the most reliable place to find bone-dry powder...

Skiing in Hokkaido, Japan


The northernmost of Japan' four major islands, Hokkaido catches an average of 500 inches of snow a year.

Tour Skating in Stockholm, Sweden

Tour Skating

The appeal of sea skating is simple enough: Where else can you skate for hours without going in circles?


When Ernest Hemingway stayed in Schruns, Austria, in 1925, sleds, not skis, were all the rage—and not just with kids.

Winter Camping Telluride, Colorado

Winter Camping

There aren't many winter camping trips that would attract the likes of both Tom Cruise and a Saudi prince.


Home to over 100,000 caribou and more polar bears than we care to think about, ANWR is like the Serengeti under snow.

Kipp Nelson

It's Snowtime!

A year after the debut of his Ski Tour, Kipp Nelson is back with more events, more bands, and more babes. Sleep is totally overrated.