Eliza Griswold

Eliza Griswold


Landays: Cries of the Pashtun Women

A place one can never return to grows in the mind. In mine, wind scours a scree field; a long-haired man peers down between the crenellations of a mud watchtower; a woman dozes on a wooden bed in an...

Eliza Griswold
Apr 25, 2014

Worst Case Studies

Caught in an avalanche. Mastless in the Indian Ocean. Come back alive from your worst nightmare.

Matt Higgins, Will Taylor, Eliza Griswold, Ryan Krogh, Doug Schnitzspahn, Bob Shacochis, John Spong, and Steven D. Hannah
Oct 25, 2010

Antonin Kratochvil Shoots from the Hip

But beneath his foul language and outrageous antics, the Czech photographer is the greatest living observer of human suffering and spirit.

Eliza Griswold
Aug 26, 2009