Eugene Buchanan

Eugene Buchanan


Kayaker Erik Boomer's audacious plan to paddle 45 miles of the world's hardest whitewater—in a single day

Eugene Buchanan
Sep 10, 2012

Eugene Buchanan
Nov 9, 2011

September 16-18, Summersville, West Virginia.

Eugene Buchanan
May 12, 2011

Adventure Icons

It's not enough to be at the forefront. In an era when everything has supposedly been done, these adventure icons ignore convention, court risk, and let their passion lead the way.

Christopher Keyes, Grayson Schaffer, Ryan Krogh, Damon Tabor, Eugene Buchanan, Stayton Bonner, and Kyle Dickman
Mar 10, 2010

Changing the Game

Eugene Buchanan
Apr 7, 2008

With a world-class guide, far-flung kayak expeditions are now within the layman's reach

Eugene Buchanan
Aug 24, 2006

Going Big

Five wunderfamilies show how children are no impediment to real, no-holds-barred, self-supported adventure.

Gordon Wiltsie, Alan Kesselheim, Bret Lortie, Todd Scantlebury, and Eugene Buchanan
Apr 24, 2001