Michelle Pentz

Michelle Pentz


How much protein do you really need? A lot more than Uncle Sam's telling you.

Michelle Pentz
Mar 2, 2012

Blitzing the Backcountry

Turn your winter fitness routine into a brand-new adventure

Christopher Keyes, Michelle Pentz, and J.P. Partland
Dec 1, 2001

Going Beyond the African Safari

Michelle Pentz and Nate Hoogeveen
Aug 1, 2001

The brutal Southern Ocean has seen more races this year than ever before. Here's why.

Tim Zimmermann, Brad Wieners, Michelle Pentz, Kevin Fedarko, and Ki Bassett
Jan 6, 2001

Golden Rules

A major new resort opens in the affordable Great White North, where they apparently didn't get the word that skiing is dead

Porter Fox, Misty Blakesley, Susan McGrath, John Ingold, Michelle Pentz, and Christopher Keyes
Dec 1, 2000

Using cutting-edge techniques, three young mavericks set out to tackle one of the hardest routes in the Himalayas

Eric Hansen, Misty Blakesley, Michelle Pentz, Bruce Barcott, Charles Montgomery, Steven Threndyle, Ted Katauskas, John Wilcockson, Mark Schrope, and Tim Neville
Oct 1, 2000

The 29er gives the flagging sport of sailing a facewash

Tim Zimmermann, Eric Hansen, Eric Hagerman, Michelle Pentz, and James Glave
Jul 1, 2000

A Conspiracy of Silence

Will Earth's most fragile unexplored ecosystems survive the age of adventure?

Nick Heil, Mark Schrope, Robert Earle Howells, Wills Young, and Michelle Pentz
Jun 1, 2000