Claire Antoszewski

Claire Antoszewski


What Happens When You Teach a Cowboy to Sail

Can a relationship survive a grand adventure? That’s a question neither partner thought to ask when She got the bright idea to refit an old sailboat while He was dreaming of life on the range. A he-said-she-said tale of a voyage that somehow managed to avoid the rocks.

Claire Antoszewski and Will Grant
Mar 7, 2019

From sailing the Society Islands and surfing killer Fijian waves to going native on the Marquesas, we've navigated the South Seas' biggest adventures for you in our far-flung, sun-soaked, beyond-belief guide to the Pacific's boundless blue

Stephanie Pearson, H. Thayer Walker, and Claire Antoszewski
Aug 16, 2006

5 Great USA Getaways

The Mojave, California

Grant Davis, Monique Ryan, Claire Antoszewski, Robert Andrew Powell, and Sam Bass
Jan 15, 2004