Michael Frank

Toyota Prius

A redesigned suspension makes this year's model a lot of fun to drive

Fiat 500X

Easy on suburban life with a touch of off-road DNA

Volvo XC90 T8

With a nearly $70,000 price tag, this is the sole seven-passenger SUV that includes an electric-only mode and also comes standard with all-wheel drive.

Honda Pilot

We were blown away after logging 27.9 miles per gallon in the Pilot.

Chevrolet Colorado

After topping out at 4,533 feet on the Stinger—an arduous ten-mile climb to the top of Southern California’s Mount Figueroa on crumbling tarmac, gravel, and double-track—we were sold on the Colorado’...

Range Rover Sport Td6

The rest of the world has been driving diesel Land Rover SUVs since the mid-eighties, and with good reason.

Toyota Tacoma

A stem-to-stern reboot that was well worth the wait

Mazda CX-3

The driving enthusiast’s choice for practical AWD transport

Hyundai Tucson

The only car you’ll need through years of lifestyle changes and adventure pursuits

Lexus RX 450h AWD

Cleaner for the city but can still get grimy in the country