Michael Frank

Your iPad Travels Better Than Your iPhone

International travel can cost a small fortune in mobile fees. And forget about trying to keep your smartphone data plan while adventuring abroad. Turns out, you’re better off ditching the cell...

The First Life-Saving Wearable

In less than a week, Kingii, an air bag you wear on your wrist to save you from drowning, has raised $450,000 on Indiegogo.

Backpacking 101: Choosing Your Gear

Scrutinizing what kind of tent, sleeping bag, and pack you need for a multiday trip can be difficult. Here’s a comprehensive overview of how to find exactly what you need and assess it with...

A Pocket-Size, Totally Loaded Drone—for Just $125!

You probably don’t own a drone yet. Up until now, you’ve figured they’re expensive and hard to fly, and capturing video requires risking a $400 action cam in a crash. All of these were true—until now...

Smart Shades Are About to Get a Whole Lot Better

Earlier this week, Intel bought Recon Instruments, which sells heads-up-display technology for goggles to companies like Oakley and Smith. It also makes the Jet, a pair of futuristic shades that sync...

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