Devon Jackson

Devon Jackson


The Cyborgs Among Us

We don't know if the biohacking craze is full of snake-oil salesmen or prophets. Probably a little of both.

Devon Jackson
Oct 23, 2014

It's Time to Settle the Breakfast Debate

Suddenly, the headlines say breakfast is unnecessary. But everyone seems to have forgotten the most important nutrition rule: What works for the everyman doesn't always make sense for the athlete.

Devon Jackson
Sep 30, 2014

The Rules of Running Drunk

Running drunk isn't a great idea—for a number of obvious reasons. Surprisingly, performance isn't one of them.

Devon Jackson
Sep 3, 2014

Stop Buying Into the Antioxidant Myth

Plants have long been lauded for their health-promoting antioxidants. But recent research upends that thinking—broccoli is good for you precisely because it stresses your body.

Devon Jackson
Jul 30, 2014

Is Gear a Performance-Enhancing Drug?

Athletes keep breaking records, but improved fitness is only part of the equation. So before we start congratulating ourselves, let’s take a look at the tech that’s made us faster—and the next records our gear will allow us to break.

Devon Jackson
May 22, 2014

Your Food Is Poisoning You

For years, an underground movement has claimed that the very food we eat—by virtue of the pesticides and herbicides we so commonly use—is poisoning us. Until now, they’ve been (at best) ignored and (more often than not) mocked. Suddenly though, it looks like the joke has been on us all along.

Devon Jackson
May 12, 2014

Is Skechers the New Nike?

While its athletic footwear may not be what revolutionizes the performance-shoe industry, Skechers’ contracts could certainly change the way the game is played.

Devon Jackson
May 8, 2014