Scott Anderson

Scott Anderson


The Best Books for Teens

Books, far more than movies or television or video games, impose a very useful obligation on the reader: the joy of exercising your imagination. They help you navigate around the youthful shoals of...

Scott Anderson
Sep 18, 2013

Loaded (Your Calendar, That Is)

Our unscientific but highly authoritative guide to the 20 BEST PARTIES on the planet

Philip Armour, Bryan Thomas, Damon Tabor, Megan Michelson, and Scott Anderson
Dec 27, 2007

The Martyrdom of Leonard Peltier

In the shadow of the high western wall of Leavenworth Penitentiary, there is a large field surrounded by a ten-foot-high chain-link fence. Within this enclosure, five bison graze.

Scott Anderson
Jul 2, 1995