Ted Alan  Stedman

Ted Alan Stedman


Where carry-ons are concerned, thin is in, and you’ll do well to avoid the wide-body rollers that can be cumbersome on smaller planes. If you’re looking for a larger bag to check, look for a balance of durability and weight: every pound off the bag means another pound of stuff you can squeeze in and still meet the 50-pound rule.

Ted Alan Stedman and Ted Alan Stedman
Jun 1, 2012

Frederick Reimers, Jason Stevenson, Doug Schnitzspahn, Sam Moulton, Lisa Jhung, Mike Steere, Ted Alan Stedman, Grayson Schaffer, Will Palmer, and John Bradley
May 18, 2010

Ah, Mexico. Land of hot sand, cheap beer, and a foolproof cure for seasonal affective disorder: endless adventure.

Stephanie Pearson, Ted Alan Stedman, Stefani Jackenthal, and Emily Matchar
Dec 8, 2008

Freedom of the Hills

Brian Metzler, John Bradley, Aaron Gulley, Kevin Arnold, Mike Steere, Ted Alan Stedman, Doug Schnitzspahn, Marcus Woolf, Frederick Reimers, Berne Broudy, and Mark Anders
May 19, 2008