Emily Matchar

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Have Injury, Will Travel

With medical costs exploding, young adventurers are opting to go under the knife overseas. Is the risk worth it?

Boom Times

Meet the preppers, a rattled, robust survivalist movement whose members just hate being called survivalists. Emily Matchar investigates the 21st century's wildest new apocalyptic scene.

Corn Islands, Nicaragua

Time Out


Miramar Lagoon, Chiapas, Mexico

Jungle-Hop in Chiapas

Travelers in the mood for rainforests and ruins tend to take aim at Belize and Costa Rica, never considering southern Mexico. The result: Chiapas, though home to spectacular jungled Maya outposts,...

The High Price of Being a Rocket Man

By 2010, Denver-based Jet Pack International hopes to release the first commercially available jet pack. The forthcoming T-73 model is already five years and 100 pairs of burned shoes in the making.