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OutsideOnline Google Trekker Hiking: Street View

Backpack to the Future

Last summer, Google launched a unique program in which it loans out backpack versions of its car-mounted Street View cameras, called Trekkers, to intrepid explorers. It’s an ingenious idea: put these...

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Out of Bounds: Niihau, Hawaii

Hawaii's Forbidden Isle has been most famous for being off-limits. But the wild landscape of arid, red-tinged volcanic terrain is easier to reach than you think

Buddhist monks on patrol


Bhutan’s 24-day Snowman Trek is rightly touted as one of the hardest in the world. The journey crosses ten Himalayan mountain passes and tops out at 17,591 feet.

Bumthang, Bhutan


Last August, as I mountain-biked down 10,302-foot Dochula Mountain Pass, just outside the capital, Bhutan’s eldest prince zipped by me on a b’Twin racing bike. Soon after, the prince’s elder brother...

Airport in Bhutan

Access and Resources

Peak seasons are spring and fall, when the Hima­layan winter and South Asian monsoons are at bay and the state-mandated rate is $250 per person per night.