Brian Kevin

The Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Summer Reading List

You worry about your vacation—we’ll handle the reading list. We'll even help you decide which book to take with you (just in case you're a little too busy on the trail to read all of our picks).

The End of Arctic Winter

For roughly the last 2.6 million years, winter has won out in the Arctic. All that changed in 2007, says veteran Canadian journalist Edward Struzik in his new book Future Arctic: Field Notes from a...

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Know Your Porns

With a bevy of new ski and snowboard films in theaters this month, a quick primer on what sets ski porn apart.

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Sounds of Winter: Steve Gunn's "Way Out Weather"

Brooklyn-based guitarist Steve Gunn probably wasn't thinking about seasons while laying down tracks for his rich, mesmeric new record, even though the album's title, Way Out Weather, is a nod to...

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Blood on the Leaves

In Hollywood's vision of horror, the real nightmare isn't on Elm Street—it's the cold, desolate forest itself.

The Fight to Create America's Newest National Park

Burt's Bees cofounder Roxanne Quimby wants to hand the government a new national park in northern Maine—election-year politics and residents' NIMBYism be damned. Brian Kevin investigates the boldest...

The Wilderness Warrior

Douglas Brinkley's biography of Teddy Roosevelt proves we still have a lot to learn from the conservation giant.