Brian Kevin

Brian Kevin

Brian Kevin is the editor-in-chief of Down East magazine.


Reality Survival Shows Are Still Awful

The Weather Channel dips a toe in the way-too-crowded waters of reality survival programming with two new shows, So You Think You’d Survive? and Fat Guys in the Woods. It’s not a pretty sight.

Brian Kevin
Aug 11, 2014

The Fight to Create America's Newest National Park

Burt's Bees cofounder Roxanne Quimby wants to hand the government a new national park in northern Maine—election-year politics and residents' NIMBYism be damned. Brian Kevin investigates the boldest conservation plan in decades.

Brian Kevin
Jun 19, 2012

Douglas Brinkley's biography of Teddy Roosevelt proves we still have a lot to learn from the conservation giant.

Dianna Delling, Brian Kevin, and Tim Zimmermann
Jul 1, 2009

Disney is getting back to its nature-documentary roots—but can the company escape its own legacy?

Brian Kevin
May 5, 2009

A veteran ice-boater takes a shot at the world record for wind-powered speed

Brian Kevin
Jan 29, 2009