Shelby Stanger

Shelby Stanger


Meet the Lifeguards Helping to Save Syrian Refugees

Devyn Bisson, a 24-year-old internationally acclaimed filmmaker, traveled to Greece in 2015 to document the volunteers who save refugees' lives during the dangerous sea crossings. Her movie premieres this summer.

Shelby Stanger
Apr 11, 2017

Change Your Breath, Change Your Life

Does an enigmatic ­European have the secret to ultimate performance? Laird Hamilton and Tim Ferris think so—and research backs them up.

Shelby Stanger
Jun 9, 2016

Source to See

Call it conservation 2.0. Jared Criscuolo and Kristian Gustavson are building a visual database of America’s most imperiled rivers and crowdsourcing their restoration online.

Shelby Stanger
Nov 8, 2011


Introducing our 2011 READER OF THE YEAR, Ryan Levinson, an athlete who competes like a champ while fighting a savage form of muscular dystrophy. PLUS: SIX HONORABLE-MENTION HEROES

Shelby Stanger, Will Taylor, Frederick Reimers, Christina Erb, and Riley Blanton
Dec 7, 2010