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For This Man, the Iditarod Is a Father-Son Rivalry

Dallas Seavey is the latest in an esteemed bloodline of Iditarod champs. Since 2012, he's won two of them, and set records as the race's youngest and fastest. This year's goal? Out-mush dad.

How One Wolf Charmed an Entire Town

Alaskan author Nick Jans knows wolves. He used to hunt and kill them during his 20 years living in remote Eskimo villages. Now, he's an advocate for the animals.

Outside Online Rush Sturges

Training Tips for Power Paddling

Serious boaters, including 28 year-old professional kayaker Rush Sturges,will tell you the only way to train for whitewater paddling is to go paddling.

Rush Sturges free wheel

The Planet's 8 Best Paddling Spots

Pro kayaker and filmmaker Rush Sturges, has dipped a paddle all over the globe. Here, he picks for the 8 most amazing places to kayak on earth.

The 7 Best Boats of Summer 2012

Whether you’re talking sea kayaks or canoes or whitewater crafts—boat technology has reached a plateau where small advances, design tweaks, and material innovations make a big difference to...

The 6 Best Stand-Up Paddleboards of Summer 2012

Though there are many larger, better-known SUP manufacturers, Pau Hana is quickly carving out a name for itself with fast, well-priced boards like the fitness and adventure-ready Crossfit.

7 Paddling Essentials of Summer 2012

A whitewater-specific design that can take multiple hits and should accommodate just about every head size and shape. (It comes with an assortment of pads for fine-tuning the fit.)

Jacks of All Trades

Yes, there's a world-class ski resort in Steamboat Springs. But as the careers (and hobbies) of these five guys demonstrate, that's just one part of this relaxed Colorado town's allure.

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