Will Grant

Will Grant

Will Grant wrote about the Mongol Derby, the world’s hardest horse race, in May 2013.


What Happens When You Teach a Cowboy to Sail

Can a relationship survive a grand adventure? That’s a question neither partner thought to ask when She got the bright idea to refit an old sailboat while He was dreaming of life on the range. A he-said-she-said tale of a voyage that somehow managed to avoid the rocks.

Claire Antoszewski and Will Grant
Mar 7, 2019

On the Hunt for Uranium in Bears Ears

After President Trump reduced Bears Ears National Monument by 85 percent, environmentalists predicted mining companies would soon overrun the landscape. But is there really any uranium to dig up? We decided to have a look for ourselves.

Will Grant
Sep 10, 2018

On the Ground During Cape Town's Water Crisis

Amid the worst drought on record, the city has threatened to turn off the taps on its nearly 4 million residents. Our correspondent spent a week there while he could still get a shower.

Will Grant
Apr 13, 2018

What Should We Do About Wild Horses?

With his new book, David Philipps is the latest journalist to ride into town on a mustang. And he's come with some new material.

Will Grant
Oct 19, 2017

A Cowboy Prodigy Rides the Pony Express

To travel the Pony Express, riders had to brave apocalyptic storms, raging rivers, snow-choked mountain passes, and some of the most desolate, beautiful country on earth. To honor the sun-dried memory of those foolhardy horsemen, we dispatched Will Grant and a 16-year-old cowboy prodigy to ride 350 miles in a hurry.

Will Grant
Sep 15, 2017

In Search of the Lost City of Gold

That's how Mark Twain defined a gold miner. But when our writer heard head-spinning treasure tales from a legendary prospector named Flint Carter, he organized a full-scale expedition into the mountains near Tucson, Arizona. Following a hand-drawn map, the team lit out for the harsh Sonoran Desert hopped up on gold fever in search of the fabled Lost City.

Will Grant
Feb 18, 2015

The Only Bird Book You Need

David Sibley, the man who raised the bar on guidebooks, releases a second edition of his best-selling guide to birds.

Will Grant
May 21, 2014

Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Bull Riders

They’ll always be injured but they’ll rarely admit it. That might be changing, though, as bull-riding cowboys begin to think of themselves—and treat their bodies—more as professional athletes and less as ranch laborers.

Will Grant
Apr 30, 2014