Mattie Schuler


A hot tub and boat, all in one

transformer kormaran catamaran trimaran monohull boat

Kormaran 3-in-1 Watercraft

The Kormaran combines a monohull, catamaran, trimaran, and sun-bathing platform in a single sleek, carbon-fiber package.

earthromer ford rv car camping camper

EarthRoamer XV-LT

Face it. This EarthRoamer Xpedition Vehicle is probably nicer than your actual home.

Watch Covet Urwerk

Urwerk UR-105M Watch

Most watches look the same, but not the Urwerk UR-105M. Instead of two hands rotating in a circle of numbers, the UR-105M has three orbiting satellites that show the hour.

SAMS shark deterrent surf range wetsuit outside outside online outside magazine covet gear shed shark bait Shark Attack Mitigation Systems surfing

SAMS Shark Deterrent Surf Range Wetsuit

Sure, the wetsuit looks like its designers took cues from a prisoner uniform, but don’t be fooled by the wacky stripes: this product could save your life. Maybe.

Vipukirves Leveraxe 2 Vipukirves finland covet axe physics axe reinvented gear shed outside outside magazine outside online log splitting woodcutter chopping wood

Vipukirves Leveraxe 2

We've been using axes for thousands of years and the basic concept hasn't changed much—but that doesn't mean a tried-and-true design can't be improved.

Wheelhaus mobile home rolling home rolling log cabin log cabin shelters base camp outside outside magazine outside online mattie schuler covet wyoming ModHaus gear shed

Wheelhaus Mod Haus

The Mod Haus, Wheelhaus' newest addition to its rolling log cabin family, is the most modern of the lot. With a sliding side door and sleek exterior panelling, its a mobile home you'll gladly show...

Buck Knives’ TravelMate Kit Buck Knives TravelMate antimicrobial sheath spatula stainless steel fork spreader grill scraper can opener bottle opener screwdriver knife backcountry chef wilderness chef camp cooking outside outside magazine outside online campfire

Buck Knives TravelMate Kit

Leave the spatula, fork, spoon, can opener, and knife at home next time you go camping. Buck Knives’ TravelMate Kit is a do-it-all tool for wilderness chefs that fits in your pocket.

hot tubs OutsideOnline camp sites luxury camping

Nomad Collapsible Hot Tub

Ever wish that after a long day of hiking you could soak your bones in a hot tub? We sure have.


To honor the dreams of his young daughter, Kira, Bran Ferran created the biggest, most badass camper van you’ve ever seen.

Mini Paceman Adventure Concept

Say hello to the newest model from the company that brought you the Mini Cooper—the Paceman Adventure concept.

Oscar Mayer Wake Up and Smell the Bacon Alarm

For the sake of your waistline, you probably don’t eat bacon every morning. But thanks to new device, you can now wake up daily to its tantalizing smell—without packing on the pounds.

Disco Hammock from Betabrand

The best way to spice up your next camping trip? Bust out the Disco Hammock from Betabrand. (The company also carries disco-ball shorts, pants, a hoodie, and a tuxedo jacket if you want to go all in.)

The 4x4 Amphicruiser

Yes, you read that right. The Amphicruiser is an amphibious four-wheel-drive car (boat?) that takes your from land to water with a push of a button.

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