Ali Taylor Lange

Ali Taylor Lange


Rule the Dog Park

Five ways to enrich city living, including dog-park etiquette.

Ali Taylor Lange
Aug 1, 2013

Roll With It

If an experienced kayaker can get dumped teaching his girlfriend paddling skills, what hope do you have? At least some, if you follow these rules.

Ali Taylor Lange
Aug 24, 2011

The Upside Down Workout

Created in 2007 by Christopher Harrison, AntiGravity Yoga takes place a few feet above the ground inside a silk hammock.

Ali Taylor Lange
Jun 28, 2011

2011 Tour De France

Tour De France Preview: Doping scandals or no doping scandals, we still love the Tour. Here's why you should, too.

Christopher Keyes, Andrew Hood, Ali Taylor Lange, and Michael Webster
Jun 17, 2011