Nathan Hurst

Nathan Hurst


The Highest Tech: Brilliant or Boondoggle

Outdoor gear has been high tech ever since George Mallory died on Everest with a broken altimeter. But these days, manufacturers are packing more and more technology into smaller and smaller gadgets...

North Allegheny Windpower Project

Battened Down

In late September, a surveyor found a small dead bat lying on the ground at a 6,500-acre wind farm in Pennsylvania, prompting an indefinite shutdown of night operations. With demand for green energy...

Ray Zahab

Ultra Ambassador

How does ultrarunner Ray Zahab—who became famous for expeditions traversing the harshest terrain on earth—up the ante? By taking high school kids on his next series of expeditions.

Stirling Hart

Axe Man

Stirling Hart is a professional lumberjack entertainer and world record holder. Here's how his times, equipment, and injuries stack up.


40,000 Wheels

Each July, 20,000 cyclists gather in Iowa for an event known as RAGBRAI.

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