Jon Billman

Jon Billman

Jon Billman is a frequent contributor to Outside.


Hunting Down the Alaska Highway Murderers

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are on the hunt for Kam McLeod, 19, and Bryer Schmegelsky, 18, suspects in the murders of three people on remote highways in B.C.

Jon Billman
Aug 7, 2019

How Maui Volunteers Found Two Missing Hikers in a Week

Five days after an ad hoc army of volunteer searchers rescued hiker Amanda Eller, the yoga teacher missing for 17 days on Maui, the same crew located missing person Noah "Kekai" Mino just 20 miles...

Jon Billman
May 29, 2019

Ned Overend Is the Champion Cyclist Who Never Grows Old

Ned Overend is the defending national fat-bike champion, stomping racers who were in training pants when he was eligible for the AARP. Our writer examines the curious case of the man who gets faster...

Jon Billman
Jan 5, 2016

The Darkest of Border Passages

Claustrophobics beware: John Vaillant’s novel The Jaguar’s Children takes place almost entirely inside the 10,000-gallon tank of a Dina water truck stranded near the Arizona-­Mexico border.

Jon Billman
Dec 5, 2014

Fat Bikes Vs. the Polar Vortex

The flow is slow—and the psi way low—but my fat bike somehow saved me from a polar winter that otherwise might have ruined me.

Jon Billman
Mar 11, 2014

Squaring The Legend of Troy James Knapp

For seven years before his arrest last Tuesday, Troy James Knapp, a.k.a. the Mountain Man of southern Utah, had an incredible run. Here was a lone man on snowshoes living off the fat of the...

Jon Billman
Apr 10, 2013

Must Read: 'The River Swimmer'

Jim Harrison's new book, made up of two longer stories, is a fascinating read about the way we navigate rivers and life.

Jon Billman
Feb 21, 2013

6 Hot Summer Reads for 2012

Six great fiction and non-fiction books and book reviews for your summer reading.

Jon Billman, McKenzie Funk, and Matthew Power
May 9, 2012

Run Down

Australian ultra runner Pat Farmer is running from the North Pole to the South Pole

Jon Billman
Jan 11, 2012

Three gratifying genre novels

Three surprisingly gratifying genre novels that take you away, including The Last Werewolf by Glen Duncan, The Sisters Brothers by Patrick DeWitt, and America Pacifica by Anna North.

Jon Billman
Jun 14, 2011

Hot Type

Break out the hammocks and beach chairs! Presenting the best new books of summer.

Abe Streep, Elizabeth Hightower Allen, Bruce Barcott, Grayson Schaffer, and Jon Billman
Jun 8, 2010