Matthew Power

Matthew Power

Matthew Power is a contributing editor at Harper's.


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Blood in the Sand: Killing a Turtle Advocate

Each spring on Costa Rica’s desolate Caribbean coast, endangered leatherback sea turtles come ashore at night to lay and hide their eggs. Poachers steal them for cash, and as Matthew Power reports,...

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Sebastian Junger Shoots For the Truth

Sebastian Junger’s powerful new documentary about the life of war photographer Tim Hetherington shows us why dedicated journalists are needed now more than ever

Far Rockaway: Global Disaster Zone

International humanitarian-aid group Doctors Without Borders, best known for conducting emergency health care interventions in war-torn countries, set up a makeshift clinic for Hurricane Sandy...

Exploring by bike ranks high on

Take Two

Exploring by motorcycle ranks high on our list of adventures. There’s the obvious stuff: the blur of road beneath your feet, the shifting horizon. Then there’s the satisfaction that comes from, say,...

7 Australia Trips

From Australia's Blue Mountains to the Great Barrier Reef, from hiking adventures to surfing. Australia Has It All – 7 Smart Australian Trips.

Way Out and Back

Australia’s Northern Territory is our kind of place—a vast expanse of desert playgrounds, tropical rainforests, and supersize wildlife. Buckle up with Matthew Power as he bounces through the most...


A new book tackles the disappearance of famed explorer Percy Fawcett

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