Doug Gantenbein

Doug Gantenbein

Doug Gantenbein is Outside's Gear Guy. You can follow him on twitter @outsidegearguy.

Oakley Fast Jacket

What are the best prescription sunglasses?

I'm looking for polarized prescription sunglasses, ideally with interchangeable lenses. I fly fish, paddle, sail, cycle, and ski, and I have a big melon, so smaller-fitting frames won't work. Am I...

La Sportiva Mythos

Am I climbing in the right shoes?

I've been indoor climbing in my Vibram Five Fingers and I can't seem to move onto harder routes. Are my toes holding me back? Could you suggest a beginner climbing shoe for me?

REI Kimtah jacket

I need a cheap rain shell. Help!

I'm looking for an inexpensive rain shell. I'd prefer something waterproof and breathable, with a hood and pit zips. Thoughts?

Garmont Zenith Mid Boots

I'm new to backpacking. What gear do I need?

My fiance and I have never been backpacking or camping. We'll be doing day hikes and an occasional overnight. Our budget is important, but I also want to know that our gear will last. What do we need...

Suunto Core Watch in Lava Red

Any ideas for a great multi-function watch?

I need a multi-function barometer-altimeter-compass watch for trekking. I was looking at the Suunto Core watch (which I like) but I also found the Tech4o TrailLeader Pro. Is it a good watch, too? Do...

Dried Apricots

What's the Best Food for a 15-Day Expedition?

We had a food question a few weeks ago from someone embarking on a long canoe trip, and my answer was pretty much “learn to cook.”’ Maybe that was snarky. But it’s true: With...

Sierra Designs Meteor Light 2 tent

What are the best lightweight two-person tents?

I'm looking for a two-person tent that can be used for backpacking or car camping. Something light but not ultralight, and easy enough for one person to set up. I usually camp alone but want the...

Scarpa Kailash boot

What are the best boots for a long hike?

What hiking boots would you recommend for a several-month hike over varied terrain from the Mojave Desert to the East Coast? The boots I have now make my feet hurt. And go numb.

What's the deal with single-wall tents?

I realized the knock on single walled tents is moisture and condensation. What are your thoughts on the new The North Face Phoenix 2 tent (made with DryWall membrane)? Would you recommend seam-...

Should I order a hiking boot from Europe?

I am trying to decide between the Asolo Superfly GTX (sold in Europe) and Asolo Spyre GV (sold in USA). Do you know much about these boots and have any recommendations? Any help would be appreciated...

What are the best travel pants?

I'll be traveling in Italy and Spain in the summer, and am looking for a pair of go-to pants for the trip. They need to be light enough to walk the Camino de Santiago in August, washable enough...

What's the best commuting bike for 30-mile rides?

I am looking for a good hybrid bike to ride on weekends with my kids and to also ride to work a (a 30-mile trip one way). I visited a local bike shop recently and they recommended the Trek 7.1 FX....

What's the best intermediate-level climbing shoe?

I bought a pair of beginner Evolv climbing shoes and they have fared well, but I'm getting better and need something with aggressive heel and toe. What's the next step for a shoe? Greg...

What are the best mountain biking pants?

What is the best casual, but functional, mountain biking pant? I'm looking for something breathable, high-backed, durable, and not fully waterproof. In other words, something I can ride in Moab,...

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