Doug Gantenbein

Doug Gantenbein

Doug Gantenbein is Outside's Gear Guy. You can follow him on twitter @outsidegearguy.

What's the best sleeping pad?

What type of sleeping pad is best for backpacking, the self-inflating or the tubular kind? Also what's the best, thickest pad out on the market? Rich Sycamore, IL

What's the best kid's bike helmet?

I'm looking for a kid's bike helmet and would like to know if there is difference in a $10 helmet compared to a $50 model. In addition, are there any exchange programs when the child out...

What's the best dog pack?

What is the generally the best dog pack? I'm looking for maintained maneuverability, with loads up to 20 to 25 percent, maximum, of the dog’s weight, with priority on the dogs comfort and safety...

What's the best minimalist overnight backpack?

I am looking for a solid pack that is large enough for a bivy, a 32- to 45-degree down sleeping bag, an inflatable pad, and food for a night stay. But I also want to minimalistic. There are so many...

What's the best hiking shirt for the summer?

I'm looking for a good hiking shirt to wear this summer. I live in a country where temperatures can reach over 95 degrees. I would like something that is cool and quick-drying and will protect me...

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