Doug Gantenbein

Doug Gantenbein

Doug Gantenbein is Outside's Gear Guy. You can follow him on twitter @outsidegearguy.

What's the best trail runner for flat feet?

What is the best trail running shoe for someone with flatish feet, that is 195 pounds, and runs between 7-10 miles a day on rocky trails? My shoes often wear on the outside first.ScottCamp Lejeune,...

What are the best long-distance day hikers?

I'm doing a one-day 30.1-mile hike on the AT in April to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis. What are the best boots for training/distance hikes?CharlotteCharlotte, NC

What's the best survival knife?

I am planning to participate in a knife-only survival course in the summer. What is the best survival knife on the market? Thank you in advance for your guidance.JuanMoreno Valley, CA

What's the best lightweight hiking boot?

I'm trying to find lightweight hiking boots. I'm used to trail running shoes but want something more sturdy. But every hiking shoe I've tried forces my foot to pronate. Running shoes are...

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