Brad Rassler

Brad Rassler


Climbing Legend Fred Beckey Dies

Beckey, who has often been called the country’s ur-dirtbag—a climber who eschews riches to pursue climbing full-time—was widely recognized as North America’s most prolific mountaineer

Inside Patagonia’s Top-Secret Gear Archive

A 10,000-square-foot facility not far from the Hells Angels’ Ventura, California, headquarters—a former food canning operation, the address of which I am not to reveal—houses the Patagonia Archives,...

Rebelling Against the Void

David Roberts, a major figure in modern adventure literature, has explored risk, death, and loss for more than 50 years. Now he’s fighting cancer while producing new writing—including a series of...

Fiskars Machete Axe

It’s wildfire season in New Mexico and my tinder-choked yard needed clearing before a spark and gale-force westerlies did the job for me, taking my house along for the ride. To start hacking away, I...