Brad Rassler

Brad Rassler

Brad Rassler is a freelance writer and former Outside editorial fellow based in Northern Nevada.


Leaving the Grace of This World

More than 17 years ago, a successful Michigan attorney took his life on a cherished trout stream, devastating close friends and family. Haunted by what happened, his nephew investigated and discovered tragic truths that were in plain sight all along.

Brad Rassler
Dec 10, 2020

13 Lessons to Make You Really, Truly Happy. Maybe.

Our writer and favorite curmudgeon completed UC Berkeley's ten-week Science of Happiness online course. Did it make him happier? Not really. But he still came away with some important, if obvious, rules to live by.

Brad Rassler
Aug 27, 2018

Climbing Legend Fred Beckey Dies

Beckey, who has often been called the country’s ur-dirtbag—a climber who eschews riches to pursue climbing full-time—was widely recognized as North America’s most prolific mountaineer

Brad Rassler
Oct 30, 2017

Into the Heart of Patagonia’s Secret Archives

Our writer visited the 10,000-square-foot facility in Ventura, California, home to thousands of products-cum-talismans, and came away with more than just an appreciation for the brand's gear heritage

Brad Rassler
Jul 6, 2017

Inside Patagonia’s Top-Secret Gear Archive

A 10,000-square-foot facility not far from the Hells Angels’ Ventura, California, headquarters—a former food canning operation, the address of which I am not to reveal—houses the Patagonia Archives, a project recently launched by the clothing company to chronicle its storied past.

Brad Rassler
Jun 6, 2017

Climbing's Greatest Storyteller on the Fight of His Life

David Roberts, a major figure in modern adventure literature, has explored risk, death, and loss for more than 50 years. Now he’s fighting cancer while producing new writing—including a series of reflections on his disease—that friends and colleagues believe is his best work yet.

Brad Rassler
Oct 24, 2016