Thayer Walker

Thayer Walker

Thayer Walker (@thayerwalker), an Outside Correspondent, wrote about paragliding the Himalayas in June 2010.



Rare Heir

Shaun MacGillivray shares his experience with IMAX movies, filmmaking, and how documentaries have the power to change lives.

Hawkes with the Super Falcon

Just Don't Call It a Submarine

Like many inventors, Graham Hawkes rides the line between revolutionary and cash-strapped dreamer. But if his new "flying" submersible works, he may be the first man to go 36,000 feet below the ocean...


Walking Jaguars in Bolivia

At a Bolivian animal-rehab center, volunteers can adopt a rescued jaguar and take it for daily walks on a leash. Brave and compassionate, or just plain stupid? THAYER WALKER discovers that it may be...


Ready, Aim, Sushi

If a shark doesn't kill you, shallow-water blackout or a giant propeller might. But the spearfishermen free­diving the oil rigs off Louisiana's coast don't let that get in the way of...

California Academy of Sciences

Earth, Sky & Gift Shop

A peek under the living roof of San Francisco's newly rebuilt, half–billion–dollar monument to nature

Tao Berman

Pro kayaker Berman, 29, made a name for himself by hucking hundred-foot waterfalls. But this fall, he's attempting his most daring feat yet: running for the legislature, as a Democrat in...

Pezula Resort in Knysna, South Africa

Cape Cool

When Keith Stewart opened his Pezula Resort, in Knysna, South Africa, in 2004, he hoped for a flood of guests. Instead, he got a flood. At Christmastime, rain gushed through the chimneys, turning the...

Karl Stanley

Off The Deep End

Karl Stanley is a stubborn, unconventional big talker with some powerful enemies. He's also a fearless mad genius who's reinvented DIY exploration in his homemade submarine. Ready to climb...

Killer Abs

Divers do the damnedest things in pursuit of Northern California abalone—like poaching, drowning, and getting gobbled up by great white sharks