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Greg Melville

Greg Melville

Greg Melville is a travel writer and the author of the book Greasy Rider and Outside's Adventure Adviser column. Follow him on Twitter @gregmelville.


What Are the Best Natural History Museums?

There are roughly 200 natural history museums across the U.S., not including the big daddies in New York and D.C. Some are barely bigger than a schoolroom, while others are sprawling, multimillion-...

What Can I Do in 48 Hours in Miami?

When you’re in Miami for 48 hours, you’re only limited by the amount of sleep you need to grab. This tropical city of long, crystalline beaches on the Atlantic Ocean can be a near-endless...

Looking south over King's Park in Perth, Australia.

Is Perth, Australia, Worth Visiting?

Perth was thrust into the public consciousness recently for being the home base of the search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 in the Indian Ocean. But this city of 1.7 million people with a...

OutsideOnline bike Fresno worst outdoor cities

What Are the Least Outdoorsy Cities in America?

First, a few tangible factors have to be taken into account, the like lack of green space, poor access to parks, and little to no municipal investment in recreation. Then there are the intangibles to...

What Are the Best Triathlon Camps?

A triathlon camp is a fantastic idea if you’re able to get away for three days to a week. There, you’ll not only sharpen your knowledge about proper nutrition, training techniques, and...