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Fad Food Nation

Walmart, already one of the country’s largest distributors of organic foods, will gobble up additional market share this summer, thanks to a deal it struck with Wild Oats to carry more than 100 of...

Drinking Outside the Box

There's nothing like a bit of wine in the backcountry. But packing a bottle poses many problems. Get around all of them by embracing the Bladder in Box technology.

10 Red Meat Recipes

If you're one of the 13.7 million Americans who hunt every year (a nine percent increase from 2006 to 2011), that we wrote about in our piece on hunting's big comeback, now you'll have something to...

How to Cook a Tough Bird

There are many reasons for paying the extra dime for chickens that have lived some semblance of a life. But ironically, the more ethical, ecological, and supposedly higher-quality the bird is, the...

Does Intermittent Fasting Work?

Breakfast, we’re told, is essential—a part of a healthy lifestyle that’s about as negotiable as breathing. Martin Berkhan, a Swedish personal trainer and blogger, not only skips breakfast but lunch...

At the Paleo Ball

Ari LeVaux drops in on the Ancestral Health Symposium, a gathering point for a group of academics, bloggers, booksellers, crusaders, and more who all have something to say—or sell—about evolutionary...

All in a Roe

With a new ban on Caspian sturgeon eggs, caviar fans turn their eyes to the Rockies