Eva Holland

Eva Holland


How Do I Avoid Cougar Attacks?

I’m well-versed in bear safety techniques, but I have no idea how to handle a cougar encounter on the trail. Help!

Eva Holland
May 29, 2013

How Much Warning Will I Get Before a Tornado?

I’m new to Tornado Alley, and I’m nervous about getting caught outdoors during a twister this summer. How much warning will I have that a storm is on the way?

Eva Holland
May 28, 2013

Where's the Best Summer Skiing?

With the spring skiing season winding down, I'm starting to go into withdrawal. I'd like to get a few more turns in, but I don't want to go down to South America. What are my options?

Eva Holland
May 24, 2013

Where Can I Find Adventure Near Montreal?

I’m planning a vacation to Montreal, and while I’ve heard lots about its urban charms, I don’t know much about its wilderness access. Where can I play outside within a couple hours of the city?

Eva Holland
May 21, 2013

What Are the Best Hikes in Britain?

I’m headed across the pond to Great Britain, and I’d like to do some hiking while I’m there. What are my best best for logging some trail time?

Eva Holland
May 15, 2013

Should I Climb Denali?

I’ve done some climbing and mountaineering in the Lower 48, and I’ve been thinking about attempting Denali. What kind of prior experience do I need to tackle The High One?

Eva Holland
May 14, 2013

What Are the Best Cheap Boat Trips?

I’m not a cruiser or a yachtie, but I love getting a good look at the land from the water when I travel. Can you recommend some memorable–and affordable–public ferry rides in North America?

Eva Holland
May 6, 2013

Does Beer Attract Bears?

My friends and I are always careful to be bear-safe when we camp in bear country. We store our food in bear barrels, and we don’t leave our dirty dishes and open food containers sitting around. But...

Eva Holland
May 1, 2013

Should I Be Worried About Sinkholes?

The sinkhole that swallowed a Florida man while he slept in March has me imagining the ground opening up beneath me while I hike or camp. Am I watching too much cable news, or are sinkholes a real...

Eva Holland
Apr 29, 2013