Ryan O'Hanlon

Ryan O'Hanlon


Ryan Hall Withdraws From Boston Marathon

The 2013 Boston Marathon will take place without Ryan Hall, who holds Boston’s American record (2:04.58 in 2011), has dropped out of this year’s race with a quad injury.

BP Gives Up on Solar Energy

According to CEO Bob Dudley, BP—a.k.a. the company with the tagline "Beyond Petroleum"—is getting out of the solar-power business.

U.S. Fails to Ban Polar Bear Trade (Update)

The U.S. and Russia are uniting against Canada in an effort to win a hockey gold med—er, no. They’re uniting to try to ban the international commercial trade of polar bear products.

Bulgarian Wrestling Coach Goes on Hunger Strike

A Bulgarian man is going on a hunger strike. While you may presume it to be some kind of protest relating to the fact that Bulgaria, at this very moment, does not have a government, you would be...

Study: Vibrams Carry Bone Injury Risk

Want to start barefoot running? If so, according to a study to be published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, you probably want to ease your way into it.