Ryan O'Hanlon

Ryan O'Hanlon


Anchor to Mo Farah: 'Haven't You Run Before?'

Mo Farah won the New Orleans half-marathon over the weekend with a record time of 1 hour and 59 seconds. But the recent Olympic gold medalist was not recognized by the news anchor who interviewed him...

Pistorius Investigator Replaced

A day after contradicting himself and screwing up a number of details in the prosecution’s case against Oscar Pistorius while under cross-examination, lead investigator Hilton Botha has been...

Couple Killed Cycling Around the World

Peter Root and Mary Thompson, a British couple attempting to cycle around the world, were struck and killed by a pickup truck in Bangkok, Thailand, last week, according to local police.

Meteorite Explodes Over Central Russia

This is a pretty realistic vision for the end of the world, right? A giant meteorite streaked across the Central Russian sky this morning and exploded over the Ural Mountains, injuring close to 1,000...

Wildlife Officials Helped Track Dorner

After days of searching by Southern California law-enforcement officials, it ended up being wardens from the Department of Fish and Wildlife who located wanted cop-killer Christopher Dorner.

Northeast Ski Resorts Welcome Blizzard

While most in the Northeast are bunkering down and many are probably dreading what could be the region’s worst blizzard in a century, the area’s ski resorts are secretly pumping their...