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Daniel D. Snyder


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Detroit Airport Unveils Dog Bathrooms

Detroit's Metropolitan Airport has taken a bold step forward in the quest to build a canine civilization by introducing customized dog bathrooms, a $75,000 addition complete with real grass, fire...

Run Boston from Your Treadmill

Fans of both running and The Matrix should be geeking out very hard over Virtual Runner from Outside Interactive (no relation), a new app that lets runners enjoy the pleasures of some 30 different...

Lonely Sea Lion Seeks Company in Almond Orchard

An enterprising sea lion pup is making headlines after courageously making his way more than 100 miles inland and earning the name Hoppie in the process. Although Hoppie was likely lost and headed...

Driver Hits Cyclist, "Doesn't Care"

According to official phone records, Kimberly Davis of Koroit, Australia, was texting with seven different people when she struck a cyclist from behind, injuring his spine and nearly paralyzing him.

Glowing Roads Debut in Netherlands

Anyone who's driven on 70 East through Colorado in the black of night knows that traditional reflector strips aren't always enough to guide you safely along a dangerous road. Well, the good people of...

OutsideOnline bear Seminole Country Florida woman attacked

Florida Woman Attacked by One Bear, Not Five

A central Florida woman is recovering being seriously injured in a bear attack Saturday night. Initial reports claimed that Terri Frana was attacked by five bears simultaneously, but the state's FIsh...

Small dogs will soon be our masters.

Women Replacing Babies with Dogs

In an eerie parallel to the 1978 film Invasion of the Body Snatchers, human babies are being replaced, not by pod people, but by small dogs. New data from the Centers for Disease Control and...

OutsideOnline; spider, silk, broken bones

Spiders Could Fix Your Broken Bones

Broken bones and compound fractures often lead to the insertion of metal plates and screws, a painful process that requires two surgeries and carries the risk of infection and swelling. Fortunately...

Colorado Town to Elect Animal Mayor

 Perhaps having tired of human leadership, the town of Divide, Colorado, a hamlet of 127 residents south of Denver, is holding a mayoral race consisting of 11 animals. The candidates are a...

Drone Hits Triathlete

A competitor in Australia's Endure Batavia Triathlon became an early casualty in the war between man and machine Sunday when an unmanned aerial vehicle fell from sky and clocked her right in the...

World Record Pacific Bluefin Tuna

A New Zealand woman is likely a proud new world record holder after reeling in the largest Pacific bluefin tuna ever caught with a traditional rod and reel. Donna Pascoe, 56, caught the...

Radiation Leak Investigated

In a mission ripped straight from the pages of a 1950s pulp sci-fi, crews descended into the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant near Carlsbad, New Mexico, on Wednesday to begin investigating a mysterious...

whistler blackcomb base jump illegal videogondola video gondola peak 2 peak

The Hunt for a Criminal BASE Jumper

Canadian police are searching for a man who made an illegal BASE jump from the Peak 2 Peak Gondoloda in Whistler, British Columbia, then posted the video to YouTube.

german polar bear wihelma zoo stuttgart germany dies coat bag

Polar Bear Becomes Fashion Victim

Anton, a 25-year-old polar bear in Germany, is dead, sadly, after ingesting a coat and bag that were carelessly dropped into his enclosure at the Wihelma Zoo in Stuttgart.