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Nicaragua's Bizarre Plan to Bury the Panama Canal

Nicaragua's Sandinista government has cut a deal with a reclusive Chinese businessman willing to spend $50 billion on a transport waterway rivaling the Panama Canal. There are a few unanswered...

Participant tackle fatal

Tough Mudder Sued

Almost a year to the day after Avishek Sengupta’s death at the 2013 Mid-Atlantic Tough Mudder, his mother filed suit against the company, which grossed approximately $100 million last year. The...

tough mudder avishek sengupta tough mudder death drown lawsuit

A Death at Tough Mudder

The drowning of Avishek Sengupta at an obstacle challenge last April was ruled an accident, but his family and friends believe that the sport’s most prominent company did a terrible job of monitoring...

Afghanistan adventure afghan bamiyan hazara nature outdoor ski skiing tourism

War and Piste

Bamiyan, Afghanistan. Home to the best unexplored ski terrain on the planet, occasional town-crushing avalanches, and only a hint of Taliban presence. Saddle up for an intrepid boot-packing...

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