Elliott D. Woods

Elliott D. Woods

Based in Livingston, Montana, Elliott Woods is a correspondent at Outside and a contributing editor at the Virginia Quarterly Review. He covers adventure, conflict, and environmental issues. He has won a National Magazine Award and the Overseas Press Club Award for Environmental Reporting.


Zinke's Gone, But the Interior Won't Change

A little over a year after Outside published my profile of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, he’s finally on his way out. But this won't be the last we see of him.

Elliott D. Woods
Dec 15, 2018

Can Paulette Jordan Rise Above Idaho's Partisan Rules?

This is the Paulette Jordan who has seized national media attention—the horse-riding Coeur d’Alene tribal government official, descendant of chiefs, mother, and two-term Idaho legislator who once...

Elliott D. Woods
Nov 5, 2018

Behind the Scenes at a Bundy Rally

If there was a defining trait among the several dozen people who gathered recently to hear Ammon Bundy speak at the New Code of the West conference in Whitefish, Montana, it was their age.

Elliott D. Woods
Oct 31, 2018

Is the DOI Strong-Arming National Park Leaders?

I spoke to several current and former career Park Service officials at various levels, and none could remember someone with Yellowstone Superintendent Dan Wenk's prestige and position being removed...

Elliott D. Woods
Jun 19, 2018

Zinke's Plan to Fund the Park Service Is Pure Fantasy

When I interviewed Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke at Denali last year, he griped about how Interior's revenues from natural resource commodities had crashed over the decade since Bush left office.

Elliott D. Woods
Mar 24, 2018

Ryan Zinke Shows His True Colors

Practically the entire membership of the National Park System Advisory Board resigned last week in protest, claiming they'd been frozen out by Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke.

Elliott D. Woods
Jan 24, 2018

Ryan Zinke Is Trump's Attack Dog on the Environment

Early in his political career, interior secretary Ryan Zinke irked fellow Republicans with his willingness to stand up for conservation. Things have changed, and whether you love or hate his ideas,...

Elliott D. Woods
Dec 4, 2017

Nicaragua's Bizarre Plan to Bury the Panama Canal

Nicaragua's Sandinista government has cut a deal with a reclusive Chinese businessman willing to spend $50 billion on a transport waterway rivaling the Panama Canal. There are a few unanswered...

Elliott D. Woods
Jun 23, 2015

The Fight Over the Most Polarizing Animal in the West

Twenty years after wolves were reintroduced in the Northern Rockies, many politicians would still love to see them eradicated, and hunters and ranchers are allowed to kill them by the hundreds. But...

Elliott D. Woods
Jan 20, 2015

Tough Mudder Sued

Almost a year to the day after Avishek Sengupta’s death at the 2013 Mid-Atlantic Tough Mudder, his mother filed suit against the company, which grossed approximately $100 million last year. The...

Elliott D. Woods
Apr 21, 2014