Andrew Lewis

The Surfer Who Swapped Waves for Humanitarian Aid

Jon Rose’s organization now raises an average of $2 million annually—not only to respond to natural disasters, but also to help people in regions where access to clean water is difficult.

Is El Niño Over? Not By a Long Shot

Surfers, hikers, skiers, and just about everyone else in the West will continue to feel the effects of the Pacific weather event this year

Slater's Not Going Anywhere

On Monday, August 25, fans of professional surfing witnessed an epochal moment in the career of the sport’s all-time great, Kelly Slater. In the final of the Billabong Pro Tahiti, the 11-time world...

Guerilla Relief

Waves for Water founder Jon Rose has been on the East Coast since Hurricane Sandy struck, cutting through red tape and providing disaster relief alongside a groundswell of surfers.

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