Amanda MacMillan

Amanda MacMillan

Amanda MacMillan is a Brooklyn, New York–based freelance writer, triathlete, and health blogger for

Should I Try Parkour?

I hear the whole stunt-man thing is a great workout. Is it worth incorporating into my routine?

How Can I Stay Fit While Flying?

Long flights and car trips wreak havoc on my body. How can I reduce the stress of travel and keep up with my current exercise routine?

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Which Fitness Apps Should I Actually Use?

I want to see if my smartphone can make my workout better, but there are so many choices. What are some tried and true apps that I won't just delete a week in?

5 Brain Tricks for a Better Race

Speed isn't just the result of physical preparation. Training the brain to actually allow the body to run fast is another big part, as well. Author Pete Magill shares his insights to "convince your...

Shave a Minute Off Your 5K

In his new book, Pete Magill recommends hill sprints and "old-school intervals" for a new personal best on race day.

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