Brendan Leonard

Brendan Leonard


No Friends on a Powder Day

The saying "No friends on a powder day" means, Sorry, everyone, my primary focus when the snow is good is to take care of my needs as a skier who will be dead someday and may not, let's face it, have...

Brendan Leonard
Feb 22, 2020

How to Show Up for Your Friends

I was an irresponsible person who was good at getting in trouble. I asked Dave for help, and he made a bet on me: his car. In order for him to keep his car, I had to change.

Brendan Leonard
Feb 14, 2020

Winter Running Tips for Masochists

Here are a few tips to keep you as miserable, cold, and demoralized as possible while winter running in winter.

Brendan Leonard
Jan 30, 2020

Three Days Skiing the Arctic Haute Route

Throughout this year, I'll be writing about 12 favorite adventures I've had since I started writing about the outdoors, one per month. This is the first of the series.

Brendan Leonard
Jan 28, 2020

My Dog’s Perfect Day

A dog's diary, inspired by true, but much less glorious, events in my dog’s life.

Brendan Leonard
Dec 12, 2019

A Skeptic’s Case for Positivity

You can focus on the canyon in front of you and have your mind blown by nature, or you can focus on the people behind you and have your spirits dampened by the negative aspects of making one...

Brendan Leonard
Nov 21, 2019

How to Go For a Run in 22 Simple Steps

Going for a run requires thought, time, and dedication. Brendan Leonard breaks it all down for you in 22 quick and easy steps.

Brendan Leonard
Nov 15, 2019