Brendan Leonard

Brendan Leonard

For Sale: Skis And Ski Poles—$5

Are you ready for another ski season? These skis and poles sure are! And they could be yours for just $5. But first, you should probably know a few things.

52 Pieces of Adventure Advice

Everybody has a few one-liners that always crop up in their head when they’re out hiking, skiing, climbing, and/or having a good time or bad time outside.

Chocolate Spokes: A Film About Bicycles

In early 2013, I walked into a tiny bike shop called Chocolate Spokes in Denver’s Five Points neighborhood because I heard the guy there did solid and reasonably priced bike tune-ups.

10 Tips for Buying Skis

Fact: ski season is just around the corner. Another fact: it's hard to participate in ski season without skis.

Can a Tesla Become the Ultimate Adventure Vehicle?

As I unplugged the cord from my Tesla SUV on a sunny afternoon in May, I struck up a conversation about electric cars with a gentleman in his sixties who was charging a Porsche hybrid next to me. We...

The Case for Giving a Shit

Hilary and I drove four hours to stand on a gravel road north of Scottsbluff, Nebraska, for two minutes of magic on Monday. A couple dozen other cars were parked on the same quarter-mile of road,...

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