Brendan Leonard

Brendan Leonard


Summit Day Isn't Always About the Summit

Sometimes I wonder about all the time we spend doing ridiculous things like climbing mountains, and if there’s a bigger point to it or a point to it at all, and if I should try to move on to...

When Crappy Gear Is OK

I don’t miss that first bulky, heavy sleeping bag, or the sale tent with only one door on it, or that janky backpacking stove. But every once in a while, I think about them, because they remind me of...

Climbing Out of a Huge Metaphor

Backpacking is one of the least eventful outdoor pursuits, but one of the best for conversation—especially if you’re not in a hurry.

For Sale: Palatial Mountain Getaway

Step inside the 29-square-foot ripstop nylon palace and say hello to your new home! The open floor plan is move-in ready, as soon as you cram it into a backpack and walk a few miles into the middle...

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