Joe Spring

Joe Spring

Joe Spring is a former editor at Outside. His writing can be found in The New York Times, Canoe and Kayak, and the Santa Fean.

Paine at the Tesla dealership in Los Angeles

August media

Director Chris Paine talks about his new documentary Revenge of the Electric Car; the best websites for long-form journalism, and an iPhone app with beta on 17,000 climbing locales.


Eyes Wide Shut

Hypothesis: Napping improves mood, memory, and fitness, Time Commitment: 30 days

Steelheading near the Oregon Coast

Flying High

A lifelong fisherman gets his first taste of the hard stuff.

Adventure Filmmaker

How to become an adventure filmmaker: Turns out those years of dedication to climbing or kayaking or skiing are actually good for your resume ("Told you, dad!"). Making adventure TV requires physical...

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