Erin Berger

Erin Berger

Erin Berger was a senior editor at Outside.


It’s Fat Bear Week, Motherf*ckers

Summer is now a distant memory and we feel a certain giddiness in the air that can only mean one thing: Fat Bear Week is nigh

Erin Berger
Oct 2, 2019

How to Be a Beginner (and Get Over Your Ego)

Everyone sits somewhere on the active spectrum and has their own reasons for being there, with personal preferences and socioeconomic and health-related considerations all wrapped up in it. It takes...

Erin Berger
Jul 19, 2019

The Glory of Otis, Fattest of the Fat Bears

For one week every fall, Alaska's Katmai National Park celebrates the survival skills and ample rolls of the happiest bears in the world. But there's more to their reigning champion than meets the...

Erin Berger
Oct 2, 2018

Lauren Groff's 'Florida' Dives into the Swamp

The author's latest book features stories that are just as mired in the contradictions of the human experience as they are in the humidity of the Sunshine State.

Erin Berger
Jun 21, 2018