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Nick Davidson



The Best Places to Work in 2014

100 companies that believe the secret to success is empowering employees to live bigger, better lives.

Nick Davidson and The Editors
Oct 1, 2014

10 Roads Every American Must Drive

Long stretches of open road through some of the most beautiful areas of the country, peppered with wildlife sightings, adventurous detours, and good brews—it's so much more than getting from Point A to Point B.

Nick Davidson
Jul 7, 2014

Four-Star Camp Food

There's a new brand in town. Does its dehydrated food stack up to—or shrivel before—its rivals?

Nick Davidson
Jun 24, 2014

How Safe is Nuclear Waste?

Recent nuclear power plant leaks haven't been as extreme as, say, Chernobyl, but they're still scary. So when should you keep calm and when should you run for the hills?

Nick Davidson
May 16, 2014

Can an Otter Take Down a Human?

Recent news of a rogue otter devouring an alligator in Florida has us wondering: Just how dangerous are these river weasels?

Nick Davidson
Mar 21, 2014

Nick Davidson
Jan 17, 2014

Langdon Cook's new book seeks to demystify the strange—and sometime dangerous—world of mushroom hunting

Nick Davidson
Oct 13, 2013

A team of adventurers plays a risky game of dress-up

Nick Davidson
Jan 18, 2013