Jen Schwartz

Jen Schwartz


The Secret to Happiness? These 12 Simplification Hacks.

You're addicted to your phone. You're loaded down by useless stuff. And you eat like a teenager. No wonder you can't find the time to play outside, see the world, and get in shape. Fortunately, streamlining your life—and having more fun—is easy: just do less. Here's how.

Jen Schwartz and The Editors
Mar 1, 2017

Brew your morning joe the right way: manually.

Jen Schwartz
Mar 21, 2013

Should You Buy Patagonia's Black Friday Ad?

On November 25, when most retailers were pushing their flashiest Black Friday deals, Patagonia took out a full-page ad in The New York Times urging people not to buy one of its most popular jackets. Reactions ranged from adulation to contempt. Was this a hypocritical marketing ploy or an honest call to reduce consumption?

Jen Schwartz
Dec 22, 2011

Slovenian superswimmer Martin Strel wants to tackle the Colorado.

Jen Schwartz
May 10, 2011

They climbed the biggest walls, descended the longest rivers, and sailed the highest seas. And they went farther and faster under their own power than anyone else in 2010. Chosen for their ambition, their attitude, and their audacious lines, these are Outside's inaugural adventurers of the year.

Katie Ives, Kyle Dickman, Grayson Schaffer, Jen Schwartz, Nick Davidson, and Will Grant
Mar 4, 2011

Jen Schwartz
Oct 5, 2010

Because the heat of summer is upon us, we scoured the globe for the greatest sailing, fishing, paddling, diving, floating, surfing—you get the idea—trips out there. And since you can't always pop over to Indonesia, we picked a few close-to-home adventures, too.

Abe Streep, Grayson Schaffer, Michael Roberts, Kyle Dickman, Brad Melekian, Mark Anders, Jen Schwartz, Sam Moulton, and Will Palmer
Jul 22, 2010