Jen Schwartz

Jen Schwartz


The Secret to Happiness? Simplify.

You're addicted to your phone. You're loaded down by useless stuff. And you eat like a teenager. No wonder you can't find the time to play outside, see the world, and get in shape. Fortunately,...

You Can Drink Them

The only in-park brewery offers an unadulterated (and alcoholic) taste of our public treasures

Raising a ruckus

Should You Buy Patagonia's Black Friday Ad?

]Patagonia took out a full-page ad in The New York Times urging people not to buy one of its most popular jackets. Was this a hypocritical marketing ploy or an honest call to reduce consumption?

Martin Strel

Bigger River Man

Amazon swimmer Martin Strel tackles the mighty Colorado for world peace--and a new TV show.

The New Kings of Adventure

The spirit of discovery is very much alive in Outside's inaugural collection of the year's most audacious and ambitious expeditions.

Mongolia's catch-and-release regulations for taimen are strictly enforced.

Water Travel Hall of Fame 2010

Presenting the 14 best water vacations of 2010.