Amy Jurries

Amy Jurries


The Best Bike Bibs for Women

The saying goes, “once you go bibs, you’ll never go back.” But when I first tried wearing bib shorts on my rides, I hated them.

Stand-up Paddleboarding 101

Before you try to SUP on the open ocean, hone your skills on flat, calm water such as a lake. Make sure you select a stable board that is at least 30” wide and 11’ long. If you start with a board too...

Kayaking 101: Getting In and Setting Out

While more experienced paddlers regularly navigate river rapids and ocean waves successfully, inexperienced ones should stick to flat water like lakes, ponds, and protected ocean bays.

2013 Stand-Up Paddleboarding Essentials

SUPing is easy to learn, involves only a few pieces of gear, and, perhaps best of all, delivers a full-body workout. We found some of the best gear to keep you floating all day.

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